Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Compare and Contrast: Crack Cocaine and Law & Order: SVU.

If Gerard Butler was stark naked, standing in my living room while Law & Order: SVU was on... I would probably ask him to come back in 6 hours. Why 6 hours? Because like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop. And there is never an episode of SVU that isn't part of a day-long marathon.

And why wouldn't I want to eventually see Gerard Butler naked?

As of late, my addiction to watching countless hours of SVU has gotten to be a little ridiculous. It started over the Christmas break when I was staying with my gracious sister and her musical husband. I chose not to work that Christmas break in order to respect my slovenly desires, so I occupied my time by watching SVU marathons, eating Chipotle and showering occasionally. 

After a while, I started infecting my friends with my addiction. First, it was my sister's John-Mayer husband. It was official that I had hooked him when I was awoken from my nightly winter hibernation to the loud exclamation of "OHHHH SHIT!" I got up to see if anyone had been raped and coincidentally - someone had. Jeremy was watching SVU and got really excited at one of the many rape-related curve balls that is perpetually being thrown around on the show. After the marathon was over, he logged on to his PS3 and started Netflixing seasons of SVU.

Then, it was T-Money. On one probably beautiful afternoon, she came over one day to be with me and eat Chipotle. Episode after episode aired and before we knew it, it was 9pm and we had wasted an entire day learning about alibis checking out, rape kits, blunt-force trauma, the apparent sexual tension between Benson and Stabler and how Detective Stabler can't keep his fists out of people's faces.

And lately, I've gotten Court and Lynds addicted. I come home from class, plop on the couch, and immediately flip to my digital crack cocaine. We are now proud season pass owners of SVU. Which means when I get home from work tonight I'll probably have 25 more episodes recorded because there's a marathon going on RIGHT NOW.