Sunday, December 30, 2012

Doing all the wifey things in 2013.

Now that I'm married, I suppose it's customary to start get back into blogging, buy a puppy, engage in a new entrepreneurial/creative endeavor, host dinner parties, and attempt countless Pinterest projects as Gerry rolls his eyes incessantly.

Notice I didn't say "have a baby".

As I embrace wifehood and 2013 graces the world, I thought it would be appropriate (read: cliche) to make my resolutions public. I think I wanted to do this for some sort of public accountability and/or validity of my attempted commitments. That, or I thought it'd be the perfect post topic to re-emerge into the blogging world.

Enjoy judging my goals and finding better ones to tackle:

Resolution #1: When one freelance business dies, another one is born. I'm bringing The Sutherly Workshop to a halt. Whether permanently or temporarily, I'm not sure. I do know, however, that my co-worker and I will be launching a different entrepreneurial adventure very, very soon.

Resolution #2: I will become a self-proclaimed writer. Whether it be a book, at the magazine, or some famous internet troller stumbles upon my blog and loves it and wants to pay me to write silly things all day. Writing is my ultimate joy, and I'd like to make that complete.

Resolution #3: I want to lose 10lbs.


Resolution #3, for real: I want to finish a sprint triathlon. How badass would I be?

Resolution #4: I want to start a small group bible study among my Austin peers. On top of getting further involved in our church family,  I think this would be an incredible growing experience for Gerry and I. Might be something that we pray about for a while. But, you know. It's there.

Resolution #5: I want to become an Austin youth soccer coach. I think taking on a team of kids in something that I love dearly would be a tremendously humbling experience.

Resolution #6: Become a better Austinite. Gerry and I have agreed that each month we will go on a food adventure. Example: January will be the month of Thai. Any time we go out we try a new Thai restaurant. Each month will be different. And I'm going to get so fat.

Whoop, there it is.