Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get in my mouth: The Month of Thai

Alright, so before we take off on our foodscapades, the ground rules of resolution #6 have to be laid out.

  1. One new restaurant per week. I always dreamt of having a grandmother who sends me money and cookies just for being me, but instead mine send me seasonal cards and garage sale gifts (love you Gram, love you Shana). Alas, our budget allows for only one new restaurant per week. 
  2. A new dish each time. You know, to get cultured. Although, I might eat a multitude of Pad Thai and Panang Curry and call it "research". 
  3. Only eat half the dish... Get real, Gerry. 
  4. Take an obnoxious amount of photos and write a kitschy critique complete with 5-dollar words, a splash of wit and arbitrary adjectives. As if there was any other way.
Food porn.
Now that ground rules have been established, it's time to hunt down our top 4 eateries of the Asian persuasion. We took to the web and perused many reputable hubs for Thai restaurants in Austin. However, I may or may not have previously performed some extensive "research" at a number of Thai spots in town (Sway, Thai Passion, Madam Mam's, Saps, Satay, Titaya's, don't judge me), so those are out. 

Some would say I have a problem, but I'd like to call it helping the economy through an excessive expression of love. 

Anyway, after doing some actual research we quickly realized that there are a shit ton of Thai restaurants in Austin. Advice: Don't research food joints of any kind when your husband is hangry. 

One hour, sassy fight, and protein shake later, we mustered up the following list: 
These decisions were based on the following factors: the popularity of the establishment among our peers (so  tired of people who aren't me Instagramming SPIN's delicious-looking dishes), the number of grammatical errors and lack of spell check use on their website, the number of quirky plates present on the menu, and finally - the authenticity of their staff. 

Despite our slight racism, we have officially developed a platform for our first month of foodscapades. 

First up: Pad Thai.