Thursday, December 23, 2010

Australia or bust.

So, I'm taking a leave of responsibility.

If you didn't hear, or you haven't stalked me in a while, I'm going to Australia until May with one of my many roommates Kathy Frances Miller. And it's going to be a bitchin' time.

I plan on using my blog to keep you updated on all of the things you need to be jealous of that I will be doing/seeing/eating/swimming with. I don't feel like creating another blog just for this event. Besides, it's called "Sadie Latley" for a reason. And this trip, is lately.

I'm sorry for the absence as of late, but I've been busy graduating, moving, having a 1 year anniversary with my boo Gerry and gaining weight.

It's been a hoot.

But now! On to the next chapter, and on to a beach where the skin cancer rate is 1 in 2. Yay.

I have a lot of updates in my noggin, so be prepared for many of them as I will have an intense amount of down time while I'm down under. Oh, and pictures. So many pictures.

If you want a souvenir, ask Katie. She has more money than I do.